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So what is a real dad, what does he do? Here are 10 things it takes to make a REAL dad in our world.


God expects us to be faithful in every area of our Christian lives. Here are 6 ways we demonstrate our faithfulness....

1. Keep Your P________________
2. Honor Your M_______________
3 Stand by your F_______________
4. Manage your M_______________
5. Do a Good J________________
6. Commit to the C________________

You have to fill in the blanks... smiley


 While driving all lanes lead somewhere. So make sure you're on the right lane. Chosing the wrong lane "spiritually" can be fatal. So when picking your lane here are a few you can chose from...

1 - The Fast Lane
2 - The Fear Lane
3 - The Fool Lane
4 - The False Lane
5 - The Faith Lane


We're told in Ephesians 1 that we are spirtually blessed. Or you could say that we are blessed beyond belief. Ephesians 1:3-10 tells us how were blessed...

1 - God Chose You - vs.4
2 - God Adopted You - vs.5
3 - God has Freely given you His Grace - vs.6
4 - God Redeemed You - vs.7
5 - God has United us in all things - vs.10

I hope a little humor is okay in this one...


We've lost something very valuable to us. Something extremely important. We've lost our view of who God really is. I think we've lost our view of God as an AWESOME God.

Sadly, we've grown comfortable with the greatness of God. And if we ever want to put the zip back in our zeal and the gusto back in our worship we'll see God again for who He is: An Awesome God.

(Caution: If you're uncomfortable with humor in sermons ... you might want to skip this one!)

Three Points:

1 - We've grown comfortable with God's greatness.
2 - To restore back the view of God's awesomeness, we much understand that God has every right to crush us.
3 - But we have a God that doesn't crush us but instead wraps His arms around us and says, "I love you with all my heart."


It seems in this world there are two kinds of people, givers and takers. And when it comes to takers, no one wants to hang out or hook up with a taker.

In the very same way, there are many unblelievers who feel God is a taker and not a giver. Their feelings are, "Why would I want to hook up with a God who is a taker and not a giver?"

If only you'd "taste and see that the Lord is good," you'd see God is a giver not a taker.

God doesn't take your freedom, fun and fulfillment ... He give those things.

Psalm 34:8; John 8:36; John 10:10


Ever question your faith? I have. More than once. I've asked questions like why, when and how come. Here are 3 things you can hold on to when your faith come under fire.


There are times in all Christian's lives when we question life, circumtances and even God. Two questions: 1) Where is God when Life doesn't make sense, and 2) What to do when God doesn't make sense.